Mi Kinder Educational Centre follows The Early Years Outcomes Guide from the UK. The primary purpose of the Early Years Outcomes guide is to ensure that we understand and support each individual child’s development pathway.

Our Centre is divided in to two groups: 

-Infant class (3 months to Walkers)

At Mi Kinder we pride ourselves in providing our infants with a cocooned separate sleeping area to make way for our infants quiet, safe and comfortable napping and resting time. This is crucial for our babies as a lot is going on in their mental and physical development.

-Toddlers Class (Walkers – 3 years)


The Baby and Toddler Centre Curriculum includes (at no extra cost):

-Music Box       

-Spanish lessons (twice a week)


-Sign Language

Mi Kinder uses Einstein Hands. This is a program that we use to teach sign language to our kids through music, role play, flash cards and videos. Research studies show that “signing” with babies and toddlers accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration and aggressive behavior, and as children mature this results in a greater interest in reading.